There is an artistry in the wine and whisky served here at Bar’Lees so why not have equally beautifully art on the walls? We delight in sourcing an artist to feature for a time along with their classic original showcase pieces.

Vincent Cordo is a self-taught man who started painting by coincidence. His passion for arts has emerged when he first met the artist Lysanne P├ępin. But it is more specifically Toulouse-Lautrec’s work of art that stirred the artist. It took Cordo ten years to find his own style.

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Currently Featuring: Vincent Cordo, Montreal QC Canada

In his paintings, Cordo features modern women. In his collection, Cordo allows women to travel from Porto to the Bordeaux’s coastlines. Being passionate about wine tasting, he allows himself some fantasies in presenting colorful paintings.

When one gazes upon a Cordo painting, one is transported into a universe that is tinted with softness and fun.

The atmosphere in Cordo’s paintings is accentuated by the various mediums he uses; such as the glossy varnish, the insertion of words, and the wood pieces.

All of these elements are there to enrapture the viewer.