Flowers and Fizzy Wine for Valentine’s

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Flowers and Fizzy Wine – The perfect Valentine celebratory drink Hands up if you like fizzy wine? That’s pretty much all of you! Sparkling wine by definition is any wine that is saturated with carbon dioxide (bubbles) under pressure (a bottle). A flower in a fizzy wine by definition is a flower (edible) in a […]

A Little Gem – Baco Noir

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In my first column I introduced a relatively new varietal called Marselan from the Rhone region of France, so I thought I would try you on another new comer to the Bar’Lees wine list – Baco Noir – pronounced BA-koh NWAHR which has solid roots (excuse the pun) to the US. Baco Noir is a […]

Shiraz vs. Syrah – What’s the Difference?

Posted on January 7, 2013 by BarLees . 2 Comments

Varietal – Shiraz / Syrah (pronounced: si-rar / she-raz) So what’s the difference and why am I writing about something as common as Shiraz/Syrah? Genetically, Shiraz and Syrah are the same – the differences come in style and origin. The old world Syrah tends to be leaner, spicier and more elegant, while the red superstar of the new […]